Welcome Pool Party: Meet and party with the instructors, promoters, performers and dancers of The Salsa Rueda Festival Las Vegas. At the Hotel Flamingo Go pool, a party not to be missed. We will have two cabanas reserved; simply tell the entrance that you are with the Salsa Rueda Festival. All are welcome, Hotel guests, SRF participants and locals.

" For a sizzling summer scene, Flamingo GO Pool offers guests 21 years or older a high-energy, non-stop pool party. Surrounded by a beautiful 15-acre tropical retreat, the larger of the two stunning pools at Flamingo interconnect through lagoons and around a magnificent cascading waterfall. "


Flash Mob Rueda Squad: Be part of The Mob, Take your Rueda to the streets, Be a Las Vegas Star for the night. Led by Chris Rogicki and Mike Eskeldon. Mandatory prep meetings/class each day followed by a couple of hours of dancing Ruedas on the public sidewalks of the Las Vegas Strip.

Taking part in the Flash Mob Experience is free for all Pass Holders (Full, Performers, or Party), and $10/day for everyone else. Participants should be familiar with the basic calls of the Rueda (i.e. dame, enchufla, adios, etc..) The Prep meetings will be held in the Mesquite room of the Flamingo Hotel.

Meet and Greet Cocktail Party: An informal meet and greet with the instructors, promoters, and participants. Held on the Flamingo Hotel's Garden View Terrace. The cocktail party is free of charge for all participants, cash bar on the premises.
Mega-Rueda: Be part of some of the largest Ruedas in the States. All party-goers and participants welcomed and encouraged to dance and learn. Different Instructors will take turns presenting a simple Rueda de Casino move and then calling a large circle with everyone dancing.